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I very rarely have the will, motivation, or even the desire to write anything at all. One of my many hobbies/interested is typewriters, I love typing on them, I like working on them , and I certainly like buying them… so in an attempt to jump start my writing I purchased a QWERKYWRITER; since it’s actually something I’ll look forward to using and perhaps provide a bit of much needed  motivation. I followed them on kickstarter but never got around to purchasing one until this November when the price went sub 300. Even at the high 200’s where I purchased it I still feel like it should be a bit cheaper for what it is – a glorified bluetooth keyboard. Regardless of that fact and my irrational – and at times manic – spending habits, I still love typing on it and we shall see if I continue using it.

  • “All I’ve had to eat today is gluten!” 

Slowly you’ll prune them from the tree that is your life, and though the branches will fall to the ground and still be visible in your life, they will no longer have such a negative influence on your vitality, then you can thrive without them